Larry Caputo is dating a new girlfriend Connie Stauddy. Know who Connie is.

Larry Caputo came into prominence for his time on the show, Long Island Medium. Alongside his ex-wife Theresa, they have wowed fans for many years. After a long marriage, the pair unfortunately split, and Larry since then began dating someone new. In this review, we will look at his new girlfriend and their relationship as a whole. Who is she? We will also look at his relationship with his ex-wife and find out what happened to their marriage. These are the questions we hope to answer by the end of the article.

Larry Caputo found love again.

Larry Caputo and his ex-wife Theresa were married for well over 28 years before they shocked fans with news of their impending separation. No one saw it coming; the couple’s marriage seemed very strong, as they shared every aspect of their lives.

However, it was not to be as they would eventually divorce by 2017. While moving on must not have been easy, Larry Caputo would go on to find love again. He is presently dating a woman named Connie Stauddy.

Image of Larry Caputo is currently dating with Connie Stauddy
Larry Caputo is currently dating with Connie Stauddy

Rumors of the couple’s relationship began in July 2018 when the pair were spotted shopping together in Alabama. Ironically, the happy couple first met when Connie reached out to Larry Caputo’s ex-wife for a reading.

Who is Connie Stauddy? Know in details about Larry Caputo new girlfriend.

Connie Stauddy is an American woman from Decatur, Alabama. She is presently 53 years old at the moment. Connie first met Larry when she sought out a reading from his now ex-wife Theresa, on the show Long Island Medium.

She has two grandchildren, whom she adores. Even though she is in her early fifties, you wouldn’t know it as Connie can still be described as a hot bombshell. No wonder Larry Caputo was drawn in by her beauty and figure. You wouldn’t know how old she is by just looking at her.

Start of the relationship.

Larry and Connie would engage in a long-distance relationship for months, getting closer each day before the distance wasn’t a factor anymore. Apart from this, not much else is known about the woman.

This is because she has not revealed a lot about herself. Besides the pictures Larry  Caputo posts of the pair on social media, we weren’t able to find any more information on the woman. All we know is that she is Larry’s new girlfriend.

His divorce from his ex-wife Theresa.

Larry and Theresa were married for almost three decades before they decided to split up on December 2017. They tied the knot way back in 1989 and went on to spend 28 years of marriage together.

Interestingly enough, Theresa first learned of her would-be husband from an aunt who was also psychic. She described the man her niece would marry in detail.

Image of Larry Caputo with his ex-wife Theresa Caputo
Larry Caputo with his ex-wife Theresa Caputo

This seemed unlikely at the time as the description was completely different from the man she was presently dating. The premonition would come to pass when she met Larry Caputo while she had a job at his family’s oil company. He was precisely what her aunt had described. The two went on to date for two years before eventually tying the knot.

This was at a close-knit ceremony with only their close friends and family in attendance. The two went on to become reality stars, featuring on the show Long Island Medium. Even after their separation, they would still work on a few episodes together.

Image of Larry Caputo with his ex-wife Theresa Caputo and their kids Larry Caputo Jr.(son) and Victoria Caputo.(daughter)
Larry Caputo with his ex-wife Theresa Caputo and their kids Larry Caputo Jr.(son) and Victoria Caputo.(daughter)

The couple has two beautiful children together: Larry Caputo Jr. and Victoria Caputo. Their split came as a shock to everyone. Both of them released a joint statement, saying that the split was amicable, and while they wanted to remain in each other’s lives, the marriage was not just working anymore. They remain lovely co-parents to their two children.

Lil Yachty Net Worth 2019.

The American Trap community certainly recognizes Lil Yatchy as one of their own. Especially with his bubblegum trap style of music focusing mostly on mumble rap. Others could easily identify him as no taller than 5 feet 11 inches with colored plaques on his teeth and short red braids. He doesn’t look like much, but his net worth tells a different story. That said, here is everything you need to know about Lil Yatchy Net Worth and his entire career.

Who is Lil Yachty? His Career Info

The rappers mother certainly didn’t name him Lil Yatchy when she gave birth to him. Instead, he’s real name is Miles Parks McCollum. He adopted the name Yatchy right around the time his career started to pick up. This was back in 2015. Lil Yachty had always been a go-getter. After previously working at McDonald’s, he moved to New York City and camped at a friend’s while working on his brand. Miles McCollum was a part-time street model while low-key uploading music on SoundCloud.

Image of American rapper, Lil Yachty
American rapper, Lil Yachty

Big Break

By the end of the year, one of Miles McCollum’s songs, One Night, got a hit and went viral through a comedy video. A few months later on February 2016, the now-famous rapper modeled for Kanye West’s Yeezy Fashion line at Madison Square Garden. That same year marked the release of his debut mixtape and record label signings. Mind you; Miles got all three; Quality Control Music, Capitol and Motown Records to work with him. Lil Yachty released another mixtape and an album which went to help raise his net worth and brand.

Work Highlight.

Miles McCollum has three studio albums. These are Teenage Emotions, Lil Boat 2 and Nuthin’ 2 Prove released in 2017 and 2018 respectively. However, before his career had a solid ground to stand on, Lil Yatchy had two mixtapes back in 2016 titled Lil Boat and Summer Songs 2. Perhaps one of the rapper’s most significant achievements came with the song, Broccoli.

Achievements and Awards.

Miles collaborated with fellow rapper DRAM, and it peaked to 5th spot at the Billboards. It was also nominated for Top Rap Collaboration, Top Rap Song, and Top Streaming Song by the Billboard Music Awards.

MTV Video Music Awards also nominated it for Best Hip Hop Video. Moreover, his debut studio album featured A-Lister artists like Diplo, Migos, YG, and many others.

Voice acting.

Lil Yachty is also talented in front of the camera as seen movies like Life-Size 2, Lopez and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies where he voiced Green Lantern. Let’s now see how all these roles feature on Miles McCollum’s net worth.

Lil Yachty Net worth ($8 million).

Lil Yachty has only been active for five years, and the accomplishments are astonishing. Miles McCollum makes a ton of money from his studio albums, record sales.

He also has royalties amassed across three record labels and streaming services. As a model, brands like Sprite, Nautica, Urban Outfitters Collection, and Target got him to market their labels. This, in turn, reflects well on his net worth.

Miles McCollum, Lil Yachty net worth is $8 million.

Image of American rapper, Lil Yachty net worth is $8 million
American rapper, Lil Yachty net worth is $8 million

To give you a better picture, he even gifted his mother $1 million as a thank you gift and bought a house for her. Let’s not forget that he has an upcoming role in How High 2 set to hit theatres soon.

House and Cars Details.

Aside from the norm of blooming rappers buying their mother’s houses, Lil Yatchy’s place is unknown. You’d expect him to live with his girlfriend, but that’s far from the truth.

The only piece of information we dug up is that it’s a nine-bedroom house that houses 10 of his childhood and high school friends.

Image of Lil Yacthy with his cars
Lil Yachty with his cars

On the other side, Miles McCollum isn’t always shy when it comes to flaunting his wheels. He owns a fleet of cars including the Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Ferrari 458 Spider, and F12 Berlinetta, BMW i8 and 5 Series. Lil Yachty’s most recent acquisition is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

Quick Info.

Name Miles Parks McCollum
Net worth $8 million
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Spouse Unknown
Age 21
Birthdate November 20th, 1983

Kandi Burruss Net Worth 2019.

Kandi Burruss is a singer, and songwriter turned reality star who makes rounds on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She joined the series during its second season but has already proved her worth by becoming one of the highest-paid cast members; second to Lisa Vaderpump. Nevertheless, her vast line of businesses makes her the most successful of them all financially. So without further ado, let’s give you the summary on Kandi Burruss’ net worth and career.

Who is Kandi Burruss? Her Career Info

We first got wind of Kandi Buruss back in 1992 when she performed at BET’s Teen Summit at age 15. She was part of the girl 90’s RnB girl group Xscape comprised of LaTocha Scott, Tameka Cottle, and Tamera Coggins at the time. However, upon signing to So So Def Recordings, we got to learn more about her from her bio.

Short Bio.

Kandi Burruss was born as Kandice Lenice Burruss in College Park, Georgia to her parents, Titus Burruss Jr. and Joyce Jones. She also has a deceased brother named Patrick Riley who died of a car accident at the age of 22.

Fast-forward to the future, and the RnB singer had soared through the charts. This was both as a solo artist as well as part of Xscape.

However, after the group released their third and final album, Traces of My Lipstick, they each went separate ways and focused on other career points.

Image of Kandi Burruss from the TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Kandi Burruss from the TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Reality Television.

For Kandi Burruss, reality Television became her calling in 2009 when she joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta. At the time, she was dating her boyfriend A.J who also died in October the same year after sustaining multiple head injuries. Nevertheless, Kandi Burruss net worth and career grew even higher when the series produced several spin-offs like The Kandi Factory; purely based on her.

Work Highlight.

First off, Kandi Burruss’ best work won her a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song, No Scrubs on TLC. Other than that, Kandi’s discography has her work cut out for her with two studio albums and five singles. Moreover, she also released an EP titled Fly Above as well as collaborative albums with Xscape.

Albums and Film Career.

Some of Kandi Burruss’ other hits include her debut album, ‘‘Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha’’ that hit Platinum status. She’s also written songs for notable artists like Boys II Men, Destiny’s Child, and even left her mark on Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

On the other hand, her career in film is just as quite reasonable. She made appearances in films like Second Chance Christmas and Never Heard. Furthermore, Kandi Burruss also tinkered a little with television roles in Are We There Yet? Let’s Stay Together and Kandi Koated Nights.

Kandi Burruss Net worth 2019 ($35 million).

The singer craftily spread out her income and diversified into a ton of business ventures that marginalize her profits. The star earns a salary of $450K for every season of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. As such, Kandi Burruss’ reported net worth is $ 35 million.

Image of TV Personality, Kandi Burruss net worth is $35 million
TV Personality, Kandi Burruss net worth is $35 million

Aside from her record deals and album sales, the singer owns a sex toy company called Bedroom Kandi. Moreover, she and her husband co-own a restaurant called Old Lady Gang and a boutique with her friend, Peaches called TAGS. Lastly, Kandi Burruss started a product line called Raising Ace that deals with designer clothing for kids.

House and Cars Details.

The musician is a cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. To iterate this, the singer lives in a seven-bedroom house in Atlanta. Kandi Burruss bought the place in 2012 for $503K and renovated it to her liking. It may have had seven bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, an indoor pool but it’s probably worth more now that she’s lived in it.

Image of Kandi Burruss house
Kandi Burruss house

Parked in her garage and driveway are a black Mercedes CL63 and BMW 7 series. Kandi also gifted her mother a Lexus RX 350.

However, the first paycheque from her career as an artist became a joint investment with her mother, who bought the house right across from their place at the time.

Quick Info.

Name Kandi Lenice Burruss Tucker
Net worth $35 million
Profession Singer, songwriter, record producer, actress
Spouse Todd Tucker
Age 42
Birthdate May 17th, 1976


Kandi Burruss may have started from a girl group but worked her way up as a solo artist and into a television personality. Now she’s entrepreneur building on her career and net worth.

Nick Cannon Net Worth.

Nick Cannon is America’s best representation of an entrepreneur. You may have heard the phrase, ‘A Jack of all trades…’ Well for Nick, he is a master of all! He is a comedian, actor, singer, rapper, film director, screenwriter, producer, TV host, radio personality, broadcaster, activist and so much more. With a resumé as great as this, you can expect the pay to be just as high. So read on to find out everything we have Nick Cannon’s net worth and career.

Who is Nick Cannon? His Career Info.

The multi-talented personality started as part of a street gang. Nick Cannon formed a rap group with his crew called Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad that went Pro in 2001 after signing with Jive Records. However, the actor also experimented with a bit of stand-up comedy alongside his televangelist father.

Nick got several gigs at The Laugh Factory, The Improv, and The Comedy Store. Nonetheless, he went on to land a role on Nickelodeon’s All That in the mid-’90s. Juggling both became a task and thus opted out of his acting career to focus more on music.

Image of American actor, Nick Cannon
American actor, Nick Cannon


By 2005, Nick Cannon’s stars had aligned, and with it came two albums. Within these were a slew of singles, covers, and collaborations with various artists. Nick also formed his labels called Can-I-Ball Records and N’Credible Entertainment which helped build his net worth.

With the rapper’s name in most households and the streets, he revived and revamped his acting roles. This time around, he collaborated with MTV to host his Improv comedy series, Wild ‘N Out. Other notable works included Nick Cannon’s role as a judge on America’s Got Talent and producing Rags, SheBall, Drumline and so much more.

Work Highlight.

The pinnacle of Nick Cannon’s work ultimately led to his first award back in 2002 in the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards for favorite television actor. The television host also won Ensemble of the Year in Hollywood Film Festival in 2006 and Outstanding Supporting Actor in Up All Night at the NAACP Image Awards.

Greatest Hits.

Nick has a two studio album with his latest released back in 2014 called White People Party Music. It features artists like Pitbull, Afrojack, Future and Polow da Don. Perhaps his most excellent track was Gigolo starring R.Kelly. He had plans to release another called Stages, but his busy schedule couldn’t allow for that.

Nevertheless, Nick Cannon has a considerable net worth generated from some of his other famous works. These include hosting on Fox’s The Masked Singer, Lip Sync Battle Shorties and The Nick Cannon Show. Moving on to the big screen, his most noteworthy performances include movies like Drumline, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and Roll Bounce.

Nick Cannon Net worth ($50 million)

For a time, the rapper depended on his musical career as his primary source of livelihood. However, with time, he became self-sufficient on multiple ventures, including acting.

Nick Cannon’s salary as a judge from America’s got talent amounted up to $70,000 per episode aired. But that’s not all. The actor’s annual salary shoots up to $10 million when you factor in all his endeavors.

Image of American actor, Nick Cannon net worth is $50 million
American actor, Nick Cannon net worth is $50 million

He currently sits as Chairman for TeenNick in Nickelodeon. Moreover, the actor got into a partnership deal with Cartoon Network Studios, NBC Universal, and RadioShack in a bid to appeal more to the younger population.

That said, Nick Cannon’s net worth is $50 million.

House and Cars Details.

With $50 million as his net worth, Nick Cannon bought an estate mansion in New Jersey. This was valued at $3 million but has risen over the years.

The place has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a swimming pool, among other features, including a garage that can house all his cars.

Image of Nick Cannon with his car Ferrari 430
Nick Cannon with his car Ferrari 430

The celebrity owns a fleet; from the old school 1964 Chevrolet Impala to the fast and exotic Ferrari 430 and Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. Nick Cannon also has Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe, A Range Rover, a Cadillac Escalade and a Maserati Quattroporte.

Quick Info.

Name Nick Cannon
Net worth $50 million
Profession Rapper, Singer, actor, comedian, TV host, radio personality
Spouse Ex-wife Mariah Carey
Age 38
Birthdate October 8th, 1980

Remy Ma Net Worth.

Remy Ma is a three-time Grammy Award Nominee Hip Hop rapper, songwriter and actress. Her reputation precedes her character as she’s been very instrumental in the genre. Some may even describe the artist as intolerant to whatever gets thrown her way. Case in point; the fuse she lit up with famed rappers Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown as well as her aggravated charges and jail time. That said, here’s everything you need to know about Remy Ma, including her net worth beginnings.

Who is Remy Ma? Her Career Info.

Official records have her name as Reminisce Smith with her middle name as Mackie. After growing up in a drug-ridden family in The Bronx, New York, Remy Ma found poetry and Hip hop as her muse.

She decimated her opponents in fierce rap battles back in school and the streets which caught the attention of the late MC Big Pun.

He took her under his wing and thus birthed the persona, Remy Martin. Together, they handled projects tracks like Yeeeah Baby, and You Was Wrong. After her mentor died, another rapper, Fat Joe, took her in as one of their own in his crew, Terror Squad.

Image of American rapper, Remy Ma
American rapper, Remy Ma

Record Label.

Reminisce Smith signed with SRC and Universal Records. This oversaw the release of her debut album; There’s Something About Remy. Since then Remy Ma has released several singles including the diss track, Shether. He has also worked on two collaborative albums with Terror Squad and Fat Joe.

Perhaps the most significant setback to Remy Ma’s career was her incarceration for six years for witness tampering and gang assault. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from building her net worth as the rapper went on to release more tracks even behind bars.

Work Highlight.

Remy Ma’s music has won her Best Female Hip Hop Artist in 2005 and 2017 for the BET Awards. She also won Best Duo/Group with Fat Joe on the BET Hip Hop Awards and Best Collaboration and Rhythm & Bars Award in the Soul Train Music Awards.

Debut Album.

Reminisce Smith debut album sold 37,000 units back in 2006. Remarkably, this was in its premiere week, and it went on to hit 158,000 units in the first year. Remy Ma also released the tracks; Whuteva, Conceited and Feels So Good in the same year. Remy’s collaboration with Fat Joe and French Montana in the song, All The Way Up got her a Platinum Certification by the RIAA.

Greatest Hits.

The rapper currently has two studio albums and five mixtapes titled Most Anticipated, The BX Files, Shesus Khryst, BlasRemy and I’m Around, released in 2014. As a featured artist in Terror Squad, Remy Ma released the track Lean Back in 2004, which also dominated the charts.

The star’s latest works include Melanin Magic with Chris Brown and Company featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie. 2019 is somewhat a slow year for her. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect Reminisce Smith’s net worth.

Remy Ma Net worth ($4 million)

Aside from the apparent income generated through album sales and record deals, Remy Ma is also an actress. The ex-con appeared on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alongside her hubby Papoose. The rapper makes a ton of money through brands like her collaboration with Gucci and Moschino.

Remy Ma net worth is $4 million.

Image of American rapper, Remy Ma net worth is $4 million
American rapper, Remy Ma net worth is $4 million

We also saw her in Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, Lip Sync Battle, and Harry. The talented rapper also did a few skits like playing the role of Vee in Queen of the South. She also featured in Fox’s drama series, Empire. Closely related to that is her work as a songwriter for performances on Take the Lead, Uncle Drew and more.

House and Care Details.

Remy Ma recently welcomed her new baby into the world. More specifically, the family met her new-born back in 2018 and currently share the same roof. The blended family lives in a 5,342 square foot home with four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms up in Castle Hill.

Image of Actor, Remy Ma house
Actor, Remy Ma house

The real estate value of the property is rumored to fall at $2 million. Reminisce Smith hasn’t enlisted any of the car brands, but unconfirmed sources caught up with her in a gold Bentley and a Maserati.

Quick Info.

Name Reminisce Mackie Smith
Net worth $4 million
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Spouse Shamele Mackie (Papoose)
Age 38
Birthdate May 30th, 1980

Lil Pump Net Worth.

Lil Pump is the lyrical genius who brought us the track ‘Gucci Gang’ that even had President Trump Tweeting about it. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Lil Pump’s musical career shot up within three years, shocking everyone on the way. Suffice to say; he pulled it off as a minor. So how did he do it you ask? Well, here’s the comprehensive coverage on the rapper’s career and net worth progression.

Who is Lil Pump? His Career Info.

There was an incident where the rapper got mugged with the perpetrators leaking his details including his real name. Whether or not it’s authentic, his biography on Wikipedia already had his name as Gazzy Garcia, an 18-year old American born in Miami, Florida with Colombian ancestry.

One of his cousins introduced him to the rapper Smokepurpp as a kid who in time, became the pillar of his musical journey. Back in 2016, Smokepurpp made a soundtrack and asked Lil Pump to go wild in it. They uploaded the song on SoundCloud which gained a lot of traction.

Image of American rapper, Lil Pump
American rapper, Lil Pump

Greatest Hits.

With the wheel in motion, the Lil Pump treated his fans with more tracks like Elementary, Ignorant, Drum$tick and more. These listed him up for grabs by many record labels with Warner Bros and The Lights Global rising to the task. A solid start to build on his net worth by any standards.

However, his contract with Warner Bros got revoked in 2017 since he was underage. However, it got renewed in 2018 for $8 million. Nonetheless, Lil Pump went on to release his self-titled debut studio album on October 6th, 2017. Of course, it had to feature his friend, Smokepurpp and rappers Gucci Mane, Lil Yatchy, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz.

Work Highlight.

As already mentioned, Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang is one of his greatest masterpieces. The song got gold and triple certification by the RIAA. The song currently has 904 million views on YouTube, and billions of streams combined on music streaming giants like Apple Music and Spotify.

The 18-year-old rapper also created a hit called I Love It with Kanye West and Adele Givens. Other collaborations feature artists like 2 Chainz in Iced Out, Rich The Kid in Next, Lil Yatchy in Back and Smokepurpp in What You Gotta Say.

Film Music.

Aside from his music, the rapper also made soundtracks for movies like Deadpool 2, Space Jam 2 and The Gang (2018). Lil Pump currently has two studio albums with his latest called Harvard Dropout.

Through his work, he received nominations on the Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards for Top Streaming song and Push Artist of the year respectively. If those two didn’t push his net worth, then we don’t know what else did.

Lil Pump Net Worth ($8 million).

Perhaps one of the rapper’s favorite quotes is “I’m a junky that’s richer than professors,” which reflects on his success even though he dropped out of school.

Though music is his primary source of income, the rapper invested in other businesses as well. His brand has become a household name, and through it, he maximized on the sale of merchandise on his websites like T-shirts, hoodies, and much more.

Image of American rapper, Lil Pump net worth is $8 million
American rapper, Lil Pump net worth is $8 million

Lil Pump’s net worth is $8 million.

House and Cars Details.

Hollywood rappers are some of the highest-paid artists in the world and usually don’t shy away from parading their lavish lifestyle. Case in point, Lil Pump bought a house worth $4.5 million because he got bored. He has kept the details of the crib to himself and selectively chooses to show us some of his other prized possessions.

Image of Rapper, Lil Pump with his Yellow Porsche car
Rapper, Lil Pump with his Yellow Porsche car

Instagram would be the best platform to catch up with his lifestyle of gold watches, a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Yellow Porsche which he totaled.

The rapper’s behavior is sometimes erratic with excessive drug usage, partying, and unauthorized gun possession. This has landed Lil Pump in jail in the past.

Quick Info.

Name Gazzy Garcia
Net worth $8 million
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Spouse Single
Age 18
Birthdate August 17th, 2000

Master P Net Worth.

Percy Robert Miller or otherwise known by his stage name, Master P is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer, and philanthropist. More importantly, the rapper is also a business mogul and owner of the record label No Limit Forever Records and CEO of P Miller Industries. His career in music may not be as prominent as it was back in the early 90s, but certainly, he made the most out of it to remain relevant to date. Here’s Percy Miller’s legacy, in a nutshell, featuring heavily on his career and net worth.

Who is Master P? His Career Info.

You could describe Percy Miller’s career in rap music as heaven-sent through a tragic loss. At a time of great struggle in his family, his grandfather died and left him a settlement of $10,000 which he used to set up a record store in Richmond, California called No Limit Records. At the same time, he had been marinating his school work with another career in NBA playing for the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors. However, after the gruesome death of Master P’s younger brother Kevin, he released a cassette tape called Mind Of A Psychopath.


Master P worked on music and the following year came the release of his debut studio album and his second called Mama’s Bad Boy. This was followed by a third in 1994 before the rapper went huge on collaborations. Percy Miller’s first featured performance was with the group TRU whom he released an album titled 99 Ways to Die.

Image of American rapper, Master P
American rapper, Master P

Since then, Master P has released fourteen studio albums, 16 compilation albums, 11 Mixtapes, and 11 studio albums. However, the tipping point of his career came when he maximized on the mainstream as an investor and entrepreneur. To top it all off, Percy Miller is also an actor as seen on television shows like Malcolm & Eddie, Romeo!, Scary Movie 3 and so much more.

Work Highlight

The rapper’s work mostly got distributed through his record label which got revamped a couple of times. Some of his best tracks include Ice Cream Man, Ghetto D, and MP da Last Don which received triple platinum certification by the RIAA. Others like Only God Can Judge Me and Ghetto Postage got Gold Certification.

On the other hand, Master P also signed other deals with SOLAR, Priority, EMI, Universal, and Guttar Records. There was a time when he opened for rap legends like Tupac Shakur and even became one of the highest-paid rappers at the time.

Greatest Hits

Percy Miller AKA Master P’s legacy would be remembered with accolades like his induction into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. Others are No. 28 in The Most Influential Rappers of All Time by BET and Favorite Hip Hop Artist by the American Music Awards.

Master P Net Worth ($ 350 million)

Percy Miller’s wealth comes from his dynamic range of ventures including, travel agency, real estate, stocks, acting, music, television production, and clothing.2009 listed the rapper as the highest paid hip hop entertainer by Forbes. Percy ‘Master P’ Miller’s net worth is $350 million.

Image of American rapper, Master P net worth is $350 million
American rapper, Master P net worth is $350 million

Percy also has telecommunication, and jewelry line, book and magazine publishing firm, automobiles, fast food outlets and gas stations. The rapper also gives back to the community through charitable donations and other philanthropic movements.

House and Car Details.

With all the money in the bank, the Business Mogul built his empire on 31 listed properties. Master P’s home is an 11,500 square feet, a six-bedroomed mansion in Missouri. The place got fitted with seven and a half state of the art bathrooms, a home office, theatre, and a gym.

Image of Rapper, Master P with his car
Rapper, Master P with his car

For his garage, the rapper, Percy Miller owns a fleet of expensive rides like the Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Coupe, Cadillac Escalade and other brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and a Jaguar which all form part of his net worth.

Quick Info

Name Percy Robert Miller
Net worth $250 million
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, actor, record producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur
Ex-wife Sonya C. Miller
Age 48
Birthdate April 29th, 1970

Young Thug Net Worth.

American Hip Hop Artist Jeffrey Williams is popularly known as Young Thug. He is a fantastic rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer; at least that’s what the books say about him. However, when you get to know him, you’ll learn that he doesn’t write his songs but instead freestyles, and improvises through live recordings. Some may describe his style as weird or bizarre, but it gets the job done. After all, it has been the source of livelihood for the rapper for a while now. That said, let’s dive into Young Thug’s career and net worth.

Who is Young Thug? His Career Info.

The rapper was born as Jeffery Lamar Williams as the second last born in a family of 11 kids. He got raised in a drug-ridden street with turf gang violence up in Atlanta. As a result, the city molded him into being tough young lad, forcing him to drop out of school and deal drugs. There was even a four-year gap when he got sent to juvenile prison for breaking a teacher’s arm. Nevertheless, Jeffrey William’s career didn’t pick up as he hoped it would when he released several mixtapes between 2010 and 2012. However, they say the third time’s the charm, and the rapper caught the eye of famed artist, Gucci Mane who gave him a record label deal with 1017 Brick Squad Records.

Image of American rapper, Young Thug
American rapper, Young Thug

4th Album, Mixtapes.

Young Thug went on to release his fourth studio album which caught the attention of many music lovers with a sense of his experimental rap style. Pretty soon, Jeffrey Williams was all over as a featured artist, collaborating with A-list musicians and producing songs with Metro Boomin, Kanye West, Rich Homie Quan and many more. The mixtapes set him up for even more record deals with YSL, 300, Cash Money and Atlantic records. These saw Jeffrey’s net worth grow through the management and distribution of the rapper’s music into the celebrated artist we know today.

Work Highlight.

Up to this day, Young Thug still doesn’t have a studio album. Instead, he has a total of sixteen mixtapes, three Extended Plays and 15 singles. Some of his best performing mixtapes include Super Slimey, Slime Season 3, Jeffery, I’m Up and Beautiful Thugger Girls. Some of Jeffrey William’s best tracks include Best Friend, Pick Up the Phone, Danny Glover and Stoner which incited a couple of remixes.

Greatest Hits.

However, his most highly acclaimed song was in collaboration with Pop singer, Camilla Cabello in their hit, Havana. The song got them riding on seven times platinum certification after riding on the Charts at position one for a couple of weeks. The song also won Jeffrey Williams awards like Best Collaboration, Video and Favorite Pop Song of the Year by the American Music Awards and Video of the Year by MTV Video Music Awards. In the recently conducted Grammys of 2019, the rapper walked away with the Song of the Year Award for his music; This Is America by Childish Gambino

Young Thug Net worth ($ 3 million)

The rapper, Young Thug’s wealth all comes down to his commercial mixtapes, world tours, and live performances which on most occasions sell out as soon as they open. For all his contribution towards the Hip Hop, Jeffrey Williams’ net worth is approximately $3 million.

Image of American rapper, Young Thug net worth is $3 million
American rapper, Young Thug net worth is $3 million

Other avenues that the rapper builds his net worth from are brand endorsements and advertisements. Young Thug doesn’t believe in gender-based stereotypes and rocks, both male and female outfits. That makes him more eligible for marketing brands such as Calvin Klein by making bold fashion statements.

Houses and Cars.

Speaking of statements, Jeffrey Williams AKA Young Thug bought exotic cars for all his ten siblings on top of his fleet. He owns a Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, Bentley Continental as well as other brands like the Porsche, Ferrari, and Audi.

Image of Young Thug with his car
Young Thug with his car

Luckily for Jeffrey Williams, his 11,000 square-feet home with six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms houses a four-car garage for some of his expensive cars. Sources have it that he bought the place at Buckhead, Atlanta for $2.4 million

Quick Info.

Name Jeffery Lamar Williams
Net worth $3 million
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, record producer, philanthropist
Spouse None
Age 27
Birthdate August 16th, 1991

Bow Wow Net Worth.

American rapper Bow Wow has undergone a lot of personal growth ever since he stepped on stage as Kid Gangsta.  He went from that to Lil Bow Wow, Bow Wow and finally shed off the persona to use his real name after a pep talk with age and maturity. However, his commercial success and net worth as official records put it has seen a nosedive over the years. On the other hand, he completely denies the reports and lives and a wealthy lifestyle. So who’s to believe? Let’s break it all down in his career highlight.

Who is Bow Wow? His Career Info.

The rapper came into the world as Shad Gregory Moss on March 9th, 1987. By the time he hit age 6, he was already spitting rhymes and fluid in rap. One of his first notable performances was on The Chronic Tour which caught the attention of rapper Snoop Dogg who branded him Lil Bow Wow.

At age 11, the young rapper got on the fast lane to build his name and subsequently his net worth. He released songs like the Stick Up with the help of Jermaine Dupri, a record producer and finally an album; Beware of Dog

Image of American rapper, Bow Wow
American rapper, Bow Wow

It featured the rapper Snoop Dogg and girl group Xscape that sold millions of copies worldwide. Lil Bow Wow later shed his name in 2002 stating that he was all grown up and went with Bow Wow. Right around the same time, the young rapper tinkered with a bit of acting as well.

Record Deals

Bow Wow got record deals with labels like Cash Money Records, So So Def and Republic Records. However, trouble began to brew when his record label delayed the release of his new music and albums. He went rogue and signed with Bad Boy Records in 2015. A year later came the announcement that he would quit rap after the release of his album, NYLTH. We are still waiting for that.

Work Highlight.

The reasons behind his rash decision to quit music and focus on other ventures got labeled as irrational. Not when he delivered platinum hits. Bow Wow’s discography is imprinted with six studio albums, 26 singles, and seven mixtapes.

The rapper’s best-selling album to date was his debut album Beware of Dog that sold close to 3 million copies in the US. Others include Unleashed, Wanted, and Doggy Bag that also went on record to become certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Greatest Hits

Some of Bow Wow’s best tracks are Let Me Hold You, Outta My System, I’m a Flirt, and Girlfriend in his collaborative album, Face Off. Through his music, the rapper went on to win awards like BET’s 2001 viewer’s Choice and Billboard Music Awards Rap Single of the Year.

Flipping over to his acting side, the young artist hasn’t won any award yet but has tons of nominations. His net worth can best be influenced as a nominee in the Soul Train Awards, Black Reel Awards, and Young Artists Awards.

Bow Wow Net Worth ($1.5 million)

We already know that he made millions through album sales, performances as well as his acting career. The rapper also appeared in films like The Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift, Scary Movie 5 and hosted BET’s 106 & Park among others. Reputable online say that Bow Wow’s net worth is $1.5 million.

Image of American rapper, Bow Wow net worth is $1.5 million
American rapper, Bow Wow net worth is $1.5 million

However, with all these sources, the rapper told a judge that he made only $4000 a month and claimed he was broke when asked to pay for child support. In a contradicting statement, Bow Wow revealed that the only time you’d consider him remotely broke was when he tap dances in the streets for food.

Houses and Cars Details

Much as he’d like to keep it a secret, Bow Wow is neck-deep in debt. There were reports from TMZ that his Bentley and Ferrari F430 had been repossessed. Moreover, he failed to file over $91K in taxes to the IRS.

Image of Rapper, Bow Wow with his Ferrari car
Rapper, Bow Wow with his Ferrari car

The remaining cars in his garage include the Porsche 911 Turbo, Range Rover Sports Super Charger, and two Lamborghinis. Bow Wow currently lives with his mother in Atlanta, Georgia even though he owns the Sugarloaf Country Club of Duluth, Georgia estimated at $0.95 million.

Quick Info.

Name Shad Gregory Moss
Net worth $1.5 million
Profession Rapper, Actor, Television Host
Spouse None
Age 32
Birthdate March 9th, 1987

Randy Orton’s wife Kim Marie Kessler wiki bio, age, first husband, kids, net worth.

WWE sports entertainers tour the world quite a lot. As such, finding love and maintaining a relationship outside their work area can become a challenge. Most wrestlers, therefore, date and marry their WWE counterparts and Divas. However, Randall Keith Orton, who has been in the business for over a decade, seemed to have taken a challenge and married a non-wrestler. Here is a detailed look at Randy Orton’s wife, Kim Marie Kessler, including her age, wiki-bio, and net worth.

Married life as Randy Orton’s Wife. Any Kids?

The two are a match made in heaven. They share the same birthday and are both divorcees from their previous failed marriages. Before they started dating, Kim Marie Kessler was already a fan of WWE and more so of Randy before they even started dating. She considered him her boyfriend before she met him. Orton’s first encounter with her was normal, something he had with most of his fans.

Image of Kim Marie Kessler with her husband Randy Orton
Kim Marie Kessler with her husband, Randy Orton

Randy proposed to Kim Kessler while on vacation in Bora Bora in July 2015, and they tied the knot together four months later. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Brooklyn Rose Orton born on November 22nd, 2016.

Image of Randy Orton with his daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton
Randy Orton with his daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton

Randy Orton and wife Kim Marie Kessler have so far lived happily in peace with no news about conflict or separation. The couple had matching tattoos: Kim Marie-Kessler has it on her collar born while the wrestler has the same on his rib area.

Kim Marie Kessler Career and Net Worth.

Kim Marie Kessler wasn’t always famous before she started dating her husband. As such, there is little information about Orton’s wife and zero-knowledge concerning her net worth. Her place of work is unknown, nor is her source of income.
Her career is also not known.

Fans can only speculate what it is she does. We do know she is a mother of five, including Randy’s daughter. However, it’s worth mentioning her husband’s net worth. The 13-time World Champion has a bank value of over $15.5 million with a couple of mansions in their possession.

Image of Kim Marie Kessler husband Randy Orton net worth is $15.5 million
Kim Marie Kessler husband Randy Orton net worth is $15.5 million

Their previous relationship.

The WWE superstar Randy Orton was once married to a make-up artist, businesswoman and former gym instructor, Samantha Speno. The two met at a bar in 2005 and got engaged after a few months.

Their engagement lasted two whole years with the previous couple tying the knot on September 2007. A year later on July 12th, the couple welcomed their first daughter Alanna Marie Orton.

Image of Randy Orton with his ex-wife Samantha Speno
Randy Orton with his ex-wife Samantha Speno

Not all is well that ends well. Trouble came knocking in paradise six years after their marriage and Samantha filed for a divorce in 2013 after being separated for over a year.

Randy parted with $4500 as child support and a million-dollar mansion as a settlement. The ex-couple still keeps in touch while raising the daughter.

On the other hand, Randy’s current wife, Kim Marie Kessler has taken her marriage vows twice.

For reasons unknown, the couple got divorced after having three boys together. She is a secretive person and doesn’t like the public eye on her past. The only way to know about her would be to hire a private investigator

Quick facts: biography, age.

Kim Marie Kessler was born and raised in the USA. She is all American, according to Wikipedia. Information regarding her early education or her schools, in general, is entirely off books.

On the same note, details of her parentage are also missing or instead she’s chosen complete privacy. As such, it’s next to impossible to determine her ethnicity and origins. However, we do know that she shares her birthday with Randy on April fool’s day. Her year of birth is still a mystery, also making it difficult to determine her age.

She used to live in New York where she met the wrestler and her pretty much changed from then.


Randy Orton’s wife is probably the most secretive WWE spouse. Kim Marie Kessler only lets in the media on what she wants to be known.

She is overprotective of her husband and has been rumored to have deleted some of her husband’s fan mails. Overall, she couldn’t be happier with him.