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Nicole Curtis is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses around. She is famous for her HGTV and the T.V. series, Rehab Addict. What is interesting about Nicole is that she taught herself how to design and renovate homes. In this article, you are going to learn more about Nicole Curti’s Net Worth in Wikipedia type biography.

Who is Rehab Addict cast Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis is a famous American T.V. personality known as the host of the HGTV home renovation series. Also, she is a popular celeb and manufacturer. Most of her famous shows include Rehab Addict, Home & Family, and Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall. Nicole is a hardworking person and has her place in the western entertainment scene.

Image of Nicole Curtis from the TV reality show, Rehab Addict

Caption: Nicole Curtis from the T.V. reality show, Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis Net Worth 2020: $7 Million.

Nicole has made quite a huge amount of fortune from all the shows that she has hosted. While the second show did not do that well as she hoped, she still made some millions. Here is a table detailing her net worth over the years.

2012 $1 Million
2013 $2 Million
2014 $4 Million
2015 $4.7 Million bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen kosten
2020 $7 million ghostwriting masterarbeit

How old is Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict?

Nicole will be turning 44 years on August 20, 2020. She was born in Lake Orion, Michigan, the U.S. Based on her nationality, Nicole is an American with Caucasian ethnicity.

Steve Lane and Nicole Curtis Relationship, kids and split. 

We all know that Nicole is not only bold but extremely beautiful, and for this reason, she must have several boyfriends in the past. However, she first got married to Steve Lane, with whom they have a son called Ethan, born in 1996 before they walked down the aisle.

Nonetheless, they married sooner, although there is no information about when and how they got married. Sadly, the couple late separated and divorced in 2009. Nicole sometimes admits that her ex-husband was a perfect man.

Image of Nicole Curtis ex-husband Steve Lane

Caption: Nicole Curtis ex-husband Steve Lane

So, she became a single parent, something she says she is proud of it. After her divorce, she remained single for some time until she shocked the internet in 2015 with news of her pregnancy. She managed to keep the baby’s father secret for a long time.

Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire.

A mother of two, Nicole is still in a legal battle for the custody of her kid Harper whom she got with her ex-man Shane Maguire. Nicole has been in and out of the court since 2015. Shane Maguire filed a notion against Nicole.

Image of Nicole Curtis with her ex-husband Shane Maguire

Caption: Nicole Curtis with her ex-husband Shane Maguire

Here is the exclusive dirt.

The relationship ended weirdly. There is also a lot of blaming going around. Amidst the blame game and confusion, Shane said the root cause of their problems was breastfeeding. Shane did not like how Nicole was breastfeeding their kid, although some people say that that is the decision the mother makes and not the father of the child.

There was also the claim that Nicole Curtis was too busy with HGTV projects that she did not have enough time for the baby, and she was careless. The blame game ghostwriter bachelorarbeit is so intense that it is difficult to know who is right or wrong. After the separation, the two are now in a custody battle for their child, Harper.

The fighter went on for long, and there was a recent hausarbeit schreiben lassen erfahrung  issue that Nicole did not want Shane to come near their son, Harper, while according to the agreement, Shane was allowed to visit his son from time to time.

Shane, later on, filed a lawsuit claiming that he was not allowed to visit his son, a right which the court had granted him. From the court, it was discovered that Shane had not been able to see Harper since February. All this while, Nicole had not responded to the court.

According to Shane’s lawyer, the father wants a relationship with his son and does not wish to take Nicole to court. He wants Harper to have a relationship with his father and mother.

In October 2018, Rehab Addict cast Nicole and Shane reached a ghostwriter hausarbeit settlement and agreed to joint custody of their son Harper. They also decided that they will not attack each other in front of Harper or try to separate him from the other person.

However, in November, Nicole posted on her Instagram page that Thanksgiving was not her parenting time. She said that if one is a parent and refused to allow their child the love of both parents in the same room, it is not about the parents but the kid.

Who is Nicole Curtis Dating now in 2020?

Recently, Nicole published on Instagram of her kissing another man. She said, “New Jersey and my man with the beard.” She also posted photos of her and her man preparing for the night out. She posted these pics after her battle with Shane over their son Harper.

Image of Nicole Curtis posted a photo of  kissing another man on Instagram

Caption: Nicole Curtis posted a photo ghostwriter österreich of  kissing another man on Instagram

Shane did not stop there though; he claimed that Nicole is posting pictures of their son Harper to stay relevant in the entertainment scene. This year, the court order both Shane and Nicole not to continue with this confrontation in the presence of their son, in the public.

 Is Nicole Curtis Married to Ryan Severson?

There were rumors that Nicole Curtis is married to the reputable health practitioner Ryan Severson. But according to reliable sources, she is not engaged to him, and all that was mere rumors. Moreover, there is no evidence to support this claim.

Wiki, bio, parents, and other facts.

Nicole Curtis’ father is Joanie Curtis, and the mother’s name is Rod Curtis. The T.V. star was born and raised in Lake Orion, Michigan, United States. Her parents have an interest in the disposal business. Nicole also has a brother called Ryan Curtis, who is a director cum actor.

As for her schooling, she attended Lake Orion High School and graduated in 1994. While in high school, she attended dancing lessons. Once she was done with high school, she began working at Hooters and later worked as a waiter.

This was to help her to enter college. Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis shifted to Florida to further her education. While she has gone to different schools in Florida and Michigan, she wasn’t able to complete education. She left school and started a business.

Social Media activities.

Nicole is quite a big name on social media networks, especially on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her Facebook account has over 1.1 million followers, her Twitter with over 130K followers, and more than 250K fans on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

On a Sunday, many years ago, we filmed the promos for my return to Detroit. A few seasons into the show, I still didn’t have a pot to piss in, but trust I had many windows to throw it out. It was a huge risk taking the show there & the houses I was dumping my life savings of $4 into would not be giving me any returns, but I had something else I was investing in …me. After finishing the Campbell Street House, I was upside down in real estate terms (still am), but the me that emerged was on fire. My confidence showed and the $ started rolling in. I took every dime I made and bought houses not cars, not purses, not shoes, not clothes …appreciating assets only 😉 cause let me tell you once you’ve earned that money scrubbing someone else’s floors, you value it and for me -I sure as hell wasnt going to waste it. I’m doing the Tedx Detroit circuit this week —at events like this, I always run into people that know they know me from before (the show), but can’t figure it out. I never give it away, but I know they’ll realize it later-I was the housecleaner 😉❤️

A post shared by Nicole Curtis (@detroitdesign) on

Nicole uses her social media platforms for marketing her career and brand купити постільну білизну. She also uses social media to share her personal life, such as pictures of her son, and herself, as well as other posts. She even in support of breastfeeding children. So, if you like entertainments and design, you will find her social media pages interesting.

Rehab Addict Cast Nicole Curtis Children and their social media presence.

As we mentioned earlier, Nicole was married once but has two children фонарик. The firstborn, who is called Ethan Lane, was born on December 24, 1997. However, the first marriage did not work out, and So, Nicole separated with the baby daddy.

Image of Nicole Curtis with her kids

Caption: Nicole Curtis with her kids ghostwriting schweiz

Later, Nicole dated Shane Maguire. Together, they have a son called Harper, who was born in May 2015. Sadly, that relationship ended too купити постільну білизну. Nicole is a wonderful mother to his sons. Not much is known about his children because they are not on social media much.

Nicole Curtis Height and Measurements.

Nicole Curtis is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. She weighs approximately 56 kilograms. Nicole measures 36 by 24 by 35 inches. She has light brown eyes and blonde hair.

 Wiki Bio.

Full Name: Nicole Curtis
Age: 43 years 6 months  
Birth Date: August 20, 1976
Horoscope: Leo
Birth Place: Lake Orion, Michigan, U.S.A. 

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